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Panini Pies – the cultural origin

Which tradition do Panini Pies come from? This is the question we hear very often from our customers. With cultural authenticity being one of the important marketing tools an answer to this question seems indeed important. So, what is the authenticity claim of Panini Pies?

Well, we insist that our Panini Pies are authentically New York. Indeed, invented by an immigrant woman from former Soviet Union who over the course of her life was exposed to baking traditions of Tatarstan, Tajikistan and Siberia, they fully reflect the culinary diversity of New York. The origin of Panini Pie crust can be found in Tatar and Georgian baking, while for the fillings we improvise on the themes from Korean, Italian, Chinese, Russian, French, Middle Eastern, Central Asian and other cuisines that make up the rich and diverse culinary scene of New York City. 

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