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  • Q1. What is a Panini Pie® ?
    Panini Pie is a unique innovative product. While they are indeed pies with wholesome filling enclosed by a flavorful thin crust, but unlike regular pies, their crust is made of a bread dough rather than a pastry dough. If you reheat the pies on any hot surface, the crust becomes deliciously crunchy, similar to a panini sandwich.
  • Q2. Where do you deliver Panini Pies?
    We deliver Panini Pies in Manhattan, Queens , North-Eastern Brooklyn, all of Nassau County, and most of Suffolk county up to Riverhead, Mattituck, Westhampton. If you get a message at the check out that the delivery to your address is unavailable, send us a message and we will try, if possible, to rectify the situation. You can also pick up your order either in our production facility in Farmingdale on Fridays between 9 am and 3 pm, or at one of the farmer's market, which we participate in.
  • Q3. How are Panini Pies delivered?
    Orders are delivered once a week. Orders placed by 12 pm on Thursday, will be delivered to zip codes in Manhattan, Nassau and Suffolk counties on Sunday, and in Queens and Brooklyn on Saturday. Orders placed after 12 pm cut-off time will be delivered on Saturday or Sunday following week. Panini Pies are delivered frozen in an insulated packaging with enough ice packs to keep the pies frozen for 3-4 hours until you place them in your freezer (if you want to keep them longer) or refrigerator if you want to start gradually thawing them. If you feel that you might not get to the pies within this time frame, write to us, and we will adjust your delivery schedule.
  • Q4. How to reheat Panini Pies?
    1. Remove a Panini Pie from its wrapping and let it thaw (overnight in a refrigerator or couple of hours on a tabletop). If in a rush you may use microwave but only to thaw the pies (about 1 min), not to completely reheat them. 2. Best practice is to place a completely thawed Panini Pie in a toaster oven on 400 degrees for 5-7 minutes. You can also use a regular toaster, panini press, regular oven on broiler or convection setting, grill, regular skillet (1 min on each side). 3. We do not advise to reheat the panini pies in a microwave, but some of our customers are known to have done so with acceptable results. Thus, if you have no alternative, go ahead, put them in the microwave, but in this case you will forgo formation of a crunchy crust.
  • Q5. Pies usually are not associated with healthy food. Are Panini Pies different?
    The crust of a bread dough does not contain any animal-based fats, and is, therefore contains much less calories than a pastry crust of regular pies. The caloric content of our pies ranges between 320 and 450 Cal, depending on the filling, which is a perfect amount for calories for a breakfast, and two pies will make a perfect filling lunch. Also, in most cases, the ingredients for our fillings go into the pie raw and are being cooked only while the pie is baked. As a result, they are never over-cooked, and preserve all their nutrients. So, yes, panini pies is a healthy alternative to regular pies and sandwiches.
  • Q6. Do you offer vegan panini pies?
    Yes, we do offer panini pies prepared using only plant based ingredients. To achieve this we remove eggs and butter from all our vegetarian recipes replacing them with tofu as a source of protein and plant based butter substitutes to preserve the taste.
  • Q7. Does freezing of the Panini Pies affect their taste?
    After Panini Pies are thawed and reheated they taste as though they are just have been baked. We take special care to treat our ingredients in a way which does not change them when they are frozen. For instance, in our egg containing pies we do not use hard boiled eggs, which turns in a rubber when frozen. Instead, we use an omelet, as an ingredient, which survives freezing very well.
  • Q8. What culinary tradition are panini pies from?
    Panini Pies is a truly New York invention as its different fillings incorporate the entire diversity of New York culinary scene. We have recipes inspired by Italian, Mideastern, Korean, Russian, Central Asian cuisines, while the whole idea of using bread dough to make the crust of the pies can be traced to the traditions of Tatar baking. Thus, Panini Pies are a perfect fusion of very different culinary ideas invented and perfected by Yelena Marchuk, Panini Pie Factory owner.
  • Q9. Where are panini pies are baked and what procedures are employed to ensure their safety?
    We bake our pies at a shared commercial kitchen in Farmingdale. Our baking and cooking procedures are regularly verified by inspectors from NY Department of agriculture, which issues our company 20C license confirming the safety of our process. After pies are baked, they are chilled in a refrigerator, and once cold enough, we pack them in a shrinkable food safe package, and immediately freeze them at 0-3 F. They remain frozen until they are delivered to customers' homes.
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