Q1. What is a Panini Pie® ?

It is not a panini sandwich, but it is also not a regular pie - Panini Pies are made of  a bread-like dough rather than a pastry dough. You can think of them as  a hybrid between a pie and a sandwich - an envelope of a  thin bread-like crust enclosing a delicious  filling.  

Q2. Are Panini Pies healthy?

The crust of a bread dough does not contain any animal-based fats, and is, therefore contains much less calories than a crust of regular pies. Besides, in most cases the ingredients of our fillings go into the pie raw and are being cooked only while the pie is baked. As a result, they are not over-processed and do not loose their nutrients such as vitamins. 

Q3. Does freezing of the Panini Pies affect their taste? 

After Panini Pies are thawed and reheated they taste as though they are just have been baked. We take special care to treat our ingredients in a way which does not change them when they are frozen. For instance, in our egg containing pies we do not use hard boiled eggs, which turns in a rubber when frozen.  Instead, we use an omelet, as an ingredient, which survives freezing very well. 

Q4. How are Panini Pies delivered? 

We deliver Panini Pies once a week, on Sundays, in an insulated packaging with enough ice packs to keep the pies frozen for 3-4 hours until you place them in your freezer (if you want to keep them longer) or refrigerator if you want to start gradually thawing them. If you feel that you might not get to the pies within this time frame, write to us, and we will adjust your delivery schedule. 

Q5. Where do you deliver Panini Pies?  

We deliver Panini Pies in a large chunk of Queens (Astoria/LIC, Maspeth - Bayside), parts of Brooklyn, all of Nassau County, and most of Suffolk county up to Riverhead, Mattituck, Westhampton. If you get a message at the check out that the delivery to your address is unavailable, send us a message and we will try, if possible, to rectify the situation. 

Q6. Where else can we buy Panini Pies?

As of today, we sell Panini Pies on Sundays at Deep Roots Farmers Market at Great Neck (STEPPINGSTONE PARK till September 4, and GRACE AVE PARK, between Sept 11 and  Nov 20) and on Saturdays at Eisenhower Park Market (Field 8). We also begin collaboration with Utopia Bagel and Zorn's of Bethpage