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What are Panini Pies?

Panini Pies are a unique combination of wholesome and natural ingredients enclosed in a delicious and crunchy pizza-like crust. The crust of Panni Pies is a thin layer of a delicious bread, made of the best high protein flour, rather than a thick and buttery pastry dough, so that it compliments but doesn’t overwhelm the flavor of the fillings of the pies. Freezing of Panini Pies doesn’t spoil their delectable taste, but allows to preserve them in your freezer for months. A great variety of different fillings are prepared in accordance with carefully designed proprietary recipes and cooked with only freshest ingredients.  With meat, vegetarian, and fully vegan offerings, there’s a Panini Pie for almost every taste. 

Perfect for a breakfast during morning rush hours, quick lunch, snacks to serve to friends, or even dinner, all of our Panini Pies are free of preservatives and artificial flavors, and the meat is always free of antibiotics and hormones.

We hand-craft, bake and freeze the pies to retain the bold flavors and ensure that they arrive fresh at your door. They can be stored for up to two months in the freezer, or once defrosted, for a week in the refrigerator. When properly thawed and reheated you can offer the pies to your family and guests and fool them into believing that you just baked them yourself. 

We are so certain that you are going to love our pies that we offer 100% refund guarantee if you are unsatisfied with our product. Check out our refund policy here.

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