Scallion & Eggs Panini Pies

Scallion & Eggs Panini Pies

Another Russian-themed panini pie in which slight bitterness of the scallion is combined with rich and fulfilling taste of eggs and butter. A perfect brekfast pie filled with delicate balance of carbs, veggies and proteins.

  • Storage and reheating

    Store refrigirated up to a week, or freeze up to a month, Reheat in a panini press, toaster, oven, skillet until the crust is formed (1-2 min). Do not microwave.  If frozen,  let it thaw before reheating

  • Ingredients

    Flour, yeast, water;  eggs, scallion, butter, salt, black pepper.

  • Weight

    Because our panini pies are handmade, the weight of individual pies might vary between 160 and 200g with average about 184 g (0.41 lb).

  • Size

    The diameter of all pies is 5 1/4" that fits a standard toaster