Pork Kimchi Panini Pies

Pork Kimchi Panini Pies

Our version of classical combination of   Korean cuisine - authentic cabbage kimchi (fermented cabbage with spices) and ground pork.  Delicious and filling choice for lunch, and in combination with soup or salad makes a great dinner.

  • Storage and reheating

    Store refrigirated up to a week or frozen up to a month. Reheat in a panini press, toaster, oven, skillet until the crust is formed (1-2 min). Do not microwave. If frozen, let it thaw before reheating

  • Ingredients

    Flour, yeast, eggs; ground pork, traditional kimchi, potato noodles, ginger, sesame  oil, parsley.

  • Size

    Size of all panini pies 5 1/4" that fits a standard toaster