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Lamb with spinach and feta cheese 4-Bundle

Lamb with spinach and feta cheese 4-Bundle


This is one of our special panini pies, which we only offer around holidays or other remarkable occasions. It is rich in composition and taste, elaborate in making and based on an completely original  proprietary recipe.  The main ingredients and the flavor enhancing spices were carefully chosen to be in harmony with each other and create unforgettable taste and holiday mood. Four pies in a bundle

  • ground lamb, onion, spinach, feta cheese, pine nuts, black pepper and thyme. 

  • Free delivery to Queens and North-Eatsern Brooklyn on Saturdays, and Manhatan on Sundays, $7 delivery to Nassau and Suffolk counties on Sundays (orders must be placed before Thursday noon). Delivery is free for orders more than $75. 

    Shipping We ship frozen pies to the parts of Brooklyn not in the free delivery region, Mahattan, Bronx, Staten Island as well as to the rest of New York State, New Jersey and Connecticut. The price of shipping $13. 

    Minimum order is $40.

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