How to reheat and serve panini pies

Fresh Panini Pies

If your  Panini Pies not frozen you can heat them in a variety of ways. Your main goal when reheating the pies is to turn its surface into a crunchy crust. This can be achieved using

  • Panini press

  • Toaster (on high up to 5 minutes)

  • Oven (preferably in broiling regime at 350 for 5 -6 minutes)

  • Skillet (1-2 minutes on each side)

  • Microwave is not recommended

Frozen Panini Pies 

Freezing  Panini Pies does not diminish their quality but allows to preserve them longer. Before freezing we wrap them up in a plastic film to prevent them from drying. 


If the pies come to you frozen the best way to reheat them is just to let them thaw at room temperature (faster) or in a refrigerator (longer) and then use any of the methods described above.


If you must you might also re-bake frozen pies in an oven at 350 degrees for about 20-25 minutes (do not forget to unwrap them before placing in the oven). Shakshuka Panini Pies require extra care when reheating them this way because of its most moisty filling.

Panini Pies go well with coffee, tea, soup, salad or just by themselves