What are Panini Pies

Panini Pies introduce a brand new concept in pie making - rather than using the traditional pastry dough they are made with the dough usually used in bread and pizzas, making the a hybrid between a pie and a sandwich. The recipes for Panini Pies  are  based on the multigeneration family baking experience, which were enriched by elements of national cuisines from all over the world. They are handmade with freshest natural  ingredients, which we never overprocess, and with no chemical additives. Says Yelena Marchuk, the inventor of the Panini Pies and the owner of the company: "While the basic idea for my pies is rooted in  the cuisine of Tatarstan  (a Volga river region of Russia), which I picked up from my great grandma, I complimented the family's recipes by new ideas inspired by various tastes and smells of New York, the City, which I love and call mine for the last twenty years" .

The Panini Pies are filled with delicious blends of fresh vegetables, meats and spices encrusted by a thin layer of the delicious dough. Fully baked, they can be held in a refrigerator  up to a week or kept frozen for a month.  Properly  reheated on any hot surface (panini press, toaster, toaster oven, pan) their surface forms a deliciously crunchy thin crust—the unique feature of panini pies reflected in their name. In combination with coffee, tea, soup or salad, or just taken by themselves they make a perfect breakfast, lunch or even dinner delivered to your home and ready in 5 minutes. They are also great as a party food or gifts. 

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